Lascaux caves

Do you believe it is true that time passes inexorably? Obviously yes but not in Lascaux! In this place the passage of time seems to have crystallized: with its suggestive caves, which are located near the village of Montignac, in south-western France, we are catapulted into the Paleolithic! The particularity of the Lascaux caves consists in the rock paintings made in the upper Paleolithic, therefore referring to an era dating back between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago. The most commonly reported drawings are those regarding animals of the time and hunting scenes, probably painted to wish good luck in catching games. In fact, in many religious rites, men and animals were drawn as propitiatory elements. Lascaux caves

Their discovery

The aforementioned wall paintings were discovered in 1940 by pure chance by four boys who were trekking in those parts and from 1946 they continued to be visited, but in 1963 they were closed to the public due to the serious damage caused by the carbon dioxide produced by thousands of people. who visited this mystical place every day. Subsequently, the caves were restored to be brought back to their original splendor, and in 1979 they became part of Unesco as a World Heritage Site. There were two other cases of exclusive closure always due to environmental damage, but now Lascaux’s paintings can be visited and visible through exhibition rooms built exclusively for them. If you want to know all our trekking trips click here! The best-known works of the Caves are the “Horse” hit by arrows and the “Jumping Cow” drawn with charcoal and ocher, at the time obtainable from stones, limestone, and soot. In the upper Paleolithic, vermilion red and white were also used a lot, pigments easy to find in nature. It is incredible to think how the pigments have entered so deep into the stone that they can be visible today, and it would be even more beautiful to contemplate the sight of figures inherited from our ancestors’ hundreds of thousands of years ago.


Montignac, the town near the Caves, is a small and quiet town in New Aquitaine, a particular region for its rural countryside, medieval villages, and sandy beaches facing the ocean. The climate is generally mild and sunny, therefore perfect for spending days outdoors and full of fun. The region also offers many walking trails for excursions, ski facilities, and excellent local food and wine products. In short, this quiet side of France can offer not only one of the very few prehistoric caves with paintings still existing today but also a strong mix of eras and tastes absolute to try. Lascaux caves

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