The benefits of trekking

In a historical period that sees cities enrich themselves with populations and become the absolute center of social, economic, and productive interests, involving ourselves in a daily routine in the name of urban style life, we are increasingly aware of the need to find ourselves and do so “outside”. In fact, awareness of how healthy it is above all to recover a psycho-physical serenity away from the “civilized” world and its chaos. Here is that trekking becomes the queen among the relief valves. Click the link now to see our trekking trips! Probably, defining it in this way is even simplistic, since for those who start practicing it becomes a real need, preferring it, for example, as a light reason for their holidays or weekends. The benefits of trekking But why is trekking so good? Certainly for the wonder that nature can offer us, always different and always beautiful according to the cycle of the seasons, but there are also real “ healthy ” reasons. “Health Fitness Revolution” and the author of the book “ReSYNC Your Life”, Samir Becic, have compiled the top 10 health benefits of trekking which are:

  • gives cardiovascular resistance
  • makes you lose weight
  • strengthens the heart
  • cleans the lungs
  • strengthens the bones
  • tones your muscles
  • it calms the mind and makes it more reactive
  • helps to do cardio exercises
  • helps you diversify and make your free time (and holiday) cooler
  • benefits your mental state

So trekking is certainly synonymous with health and well-being, but obviously, some attention is needed in exercising it. For example, when there is a lot of sun it is advisable to always use a hat to cover your head and carry an abundant supply of water with you to prevent any dehydration. It is also essential to wear suitable shoes to avoid bad sprains. Finally, trekking is not recommended for all those who suffer from arterial hypertension, because it is clear that at certain altitudes blood pressure tends to rise further. The benefits of trekking

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