The most beautiful excursions in the world

Everest Base Camp, Nepal Probably the most beautiful mountain trip of all. This walk-in Nepal’s Khumbu district will give you the chance to see some of the highest peaks in the world – Everest, Lhotse, and Lhotse Sar, as well as a dozen other gigantic Himalayan mountains – in one go. The view from Thyangboche, considered by the famous mountain explorer WH Tillman “the most beautiful in the world”, is one of the jewels of the trip. But it is the immersion in the Buddhist culture of the Sherpa that will inspire you to return to these welcoming villages, monasteries, amidst the polyglot gang of travelers from all over the world who find themselves making their high octane pilgrimage to Everest. . Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Nepal! most beautiful excursions in the world Kungsleden, Sweden Deep inside the Arctic Circle, the 440 kilometers of the legendary Kungsleden (in Italian, “the king’s path”) represents the crossing of the last great wilderness of Western Europe. This incredible part of the route passes through the vast Arctic area of Sweden: you meet birch forests, tundra, and large glaciers before reaching the top of the country’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, at 2,111 meters. The shelters at a distance of a day’s walk from each other ensure your shelter in case of bad weather. Thanks to the sturdy suspension bridges you can cross rivers without fear. The atmosphere here is very “from the far North”, with immense landscapes and a soft light that restores the soul. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Sweden! Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA Any walk in the Grand Canyon will end up high on the list of the most beautiful walks of your life, but this particular route will show you both rings and the river and will allow you to spend enough time in the area to appreciate the beauty and architectural majesty of nature. You will take a journey through time in the geological multi-layered rock pie of Colorado, from the limestone of Kaibab on the ring to the Visnu complex of the river; all along well-connected routes, with water sources and fields where it is pleasant to stay. Cerro Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina Walk in the legendary Cerro Chaltén range, where the picturesque peaks of Poincenot, St. Exupery, and Cherro Chaltén itself (3,375 meters) stand out over the Patagonian steppes like in a dream. This route not only offers three observation points of Cerro Chaltén at sunset but also allows you to see Cerro Torre and Passo Marconi. This walk-in Los Glaciares National Park (as big as Delaware) will take you from eerie beech forests and plains to glaciers, thundering waterfalls, granite monoliths, lit by the orange setting sun. Petra from the back, Jordan At the top of the ancient staircase carved in red stone, a narrow walkway leads to a tight curve, and suddenly you are speechless. Here you are in front of the wonderful facade of Al Deir, better known as the Monastery, perhaps the greatest monument in Petra. Enjoy it. Getting to the Nabatean city of Petra after a week’s walk through the rugged nature of the Kingdom of Jordan is far more fascinating than parking alongside the coaches just outside the site. This is what makes the excursion special. The route starts from the ancient city of Dana, passes through the Feynan ecological refuge before crossing the desert expanse of the Wadi Araba and climbing the Sharah mountains; past the picturesque oasis of the Bedouins you arrive in Petra. Walking off the beaten path in deserts and mountains can be exhausting, especially in the blazing sun, but it makes you very receptive: you arrive in Petra ready to appreciate its mystical qualities. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Jordan! Grindelwald, Switzerland Perhaps the most beautiful concerning the effort it takes, this magnificent route will take you to the Bernese Oberland – home to the famous Eiger mountain and its fearsome sister peak, the Shreckhorn – right above the enchanted Grindelwald valley. . In addition to this, a couple of nights at the Faulhorn refuge (or berghotel), incredibly leaning against the 2680 meters of the mountain of the same name, in just one day of walking. And you can also save some time by taking the cable car to First. On the other hand, if you walk all the way, you will have earned a beer, to drink on the terrace while the setting sun colors the north face of the Eiger red. Grand Traverse in Yosemite Park, California, the United States From Post Peak Pass to Tuolumne Meadows It’s hard to say “Sierra Nevada in summer” without thinking of granite towers rising above glittering lakes with blue skies as a backdrop. This route is a kind of big-name of the most remote areas of the park: it passes over more than one peak of the Sierra Nevada, including the Half Dome, in just a week. The route starts in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, offers a little-known view of the Minarets, and then goes into the Yosemite park, following the Merced river bed; joins the scenic John Muir Trail, and ends in the spiers of the Cathedral Range. The beauty of this outing is following the Merced River, the lifeblood of the park, from the upstream waters to the waterfalls, granite basins, and canals dotted with large and wonderful meadows. Chilkoot trail, Alaska and Yukon, the United States and Canada The names of the places you will encounter on the way – the golden scales, the scales, the stone crib – evoke the suffering of the gold diggers of 1898, and with good reason. Both sides of the path are covered in the rusted remains of tools thrown by exhausted miners. More than a century later, this journey ushered in by the greed of gold diggers has become a typical hiking itinerary in North America. The route rises rapidly from sea level to a thousand meters above the Chilkoot pass; but instead of descending it climbs for another 20 kilometers of wonderful alpine landscapes before dropping just 300 meters to Lake Bennet, at the end of the itinerary. Expert advice: traveling through two national parks, two countries, a state, a province and a territory make overnight stay complicated. You should start and finish in Whitehorse, Yukon, which has excellent hiking facilities. Take the White Pass and the Yukon train to Skagway (a crazy ride), and get picked up by an Alpine Aviation seaplane at Lake Bennet – after a forty-five-minute flight, you’ll be absolutely in time for a beer on the terrace right before dinner.   Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Watching the sunrise illuminate the huge skyline of the Ramparts mountains and reflect gold in Amethyst Lake is an experience that alone is worth all the effort it took to get to this wild valley. The timeless beauty of Tonquin Valley, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, has attracted travelers – including Ansel Adams, who came here on his first trip as a Sierra Club photographer – since she was first photographed in 1915. On this journey you enter through the scenic McCarib Pass and exit along the delightful Astoria River, leaving behind an incomparable panorama. Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia A providential granite promontory, colored by lichens or a small patch of forest, takes you up, out of the cove. This walk lasts four days and cannot be done alone, as there is no water on the route and there are no places to sleep. On the first day, we arrive at a permanent camp in Forester Beach. The second day, more intense, at the incredible architecture of the Baia Dei Fuochi refuge. It is very green; to take a shower you will have to pump the water yourself from special tanks. But on the third day here comes the reward for the effort: you will have plenty of free time on the amazing coast, with all the comforts and the excellent wine of the refuge at your disposal. Insider Tip: Don’t waste time learning to distinguish between various snake species – they are all lethal. However, they rarely bite you: just keep your eyes open and avoid black creatures crawling on the promontory. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Australia! Crossing the Long Range, New Foundland, Canada This crossing will take you from the fjords of the hinterland, with granite cliffs 700 meters adorned with cascades of very fine water, to the Gros Morne National Park. The rugged seaside plateau is just one of the attractions that make Newfoundland the new Mecca for adventure seekers. The landscape is as impressive as it is isolated: the glaciers have carved these huge granite boulders that make up the plateau, a wild place populated by elk and caribou. Some skill with maps, compasses, and GPS is required, as there are no marked routes in the area. The park is so pristine that the guardians will not let you in if you don’t have a tracking light, which they call the caribou collar: that light guarantees them that they won’t have to look for you all over the park if you haven’t checked in at a certain time. see. Queen Charlotte Trail, New Zealand An incredible journey into the sunny hills of the Marlborough Sounds. Queen Charlotte follows the dragon-backed mountain range that separates the blue waters of the Strait of the same name from those of the Kenepuru Strait. Water taxis take you from the town of Picton to Ship’s Cove – the departure, where Captain Cook roamed between 1770 and 1779 – and Anakiwa, the arrival. You can camp all along the way – New Zealanders call it a “freedom walk” – or take a cheap one-day outing similar to what you can do in Nepal, except your equipment will be carried by boat and not from a yak. If you have a little more money, treat yourself to walking fifteen kilometers a day followed by overnight stays in the comfortable shelters of Furneaux, Punga Cove, and Portage. Insider tip: This track is one of the few in New Zealand that is also open to mountain bikers for part of the season. If you want to do it by bike, go at the beginning or end of the season, while if you do not want cyclists to snack on all sides, go in the height of summer. Mountains of the Moon, Uganda Go with guides and porters: they know the way and are not expensive. Locals are unlikely to tell you “here is full of elephants” as you make your way to the high-altitude glaciers. On the other hand, the Ruwenzori range, what Ptolemy called the mountains of the moon, is the realm of the unexpected. Overlooking the border between Uganda and Congo, it represents the highest range in Africa, arriving with the Margaret peak of Mount Stanley at 5110 meters (Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya are higher, but they are not mountain ranges). Here you will walk for three days through two passes at four thousand meters and forests of Asteraceae and giant lobelias until you reach Bujuku, the base camp for those who want to climb Mount Speke. Another day of walking and we arrive at Campo Elena, the base to reach the glaciers and try to climb to the top of Mount Stanley, from which there is a unique view of the Congo Basin. Another two days of walking and you arrive at the Scott Eliott pass, the highest of the circuit with its 4372 meters, and then to the starting point from which to return to Kampala. Insider tip: start with a pair of shoes that resist moisture (for example the Crocs): the path can be a hell of mud, and the best way is to go through the stream bed. At the end of the day, you need to have something dry and a minimum of comfort for your feet. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Uganda! The Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii, the United States From Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Valley Round Trip: 35km, 3 to 5 days When to Go: May to September is drier; from April to October there are fewer people. This rugged trail on the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai is the most beautiful coastal hike in the world. The tropical heat and steep slopes will put a strain on your physique, while the muddy peaks will scare you. But after trudging the cliffs, as the waves crash into the sea like cannon fire just below you, you will be rewarded by the incredible view of the golden arch of Kalalau beach (more than a kilometer long), in the sparkling Pacific Ocean. In the valley, there are fabulous waterfalls and a lush tropical jungle. There is nothing more beautiful than camping on the beach while the sunset is reflected in the ocean. Insider tip: it’s hot, and the temptation is there, but don’t even think for a moment about taking a bath on Hanakapi’ai beach. All those little handmade memorials you will see are dedicated to hikers who took a dip and were immediately swept away by the current. Croagh Patrick, Ireland A hike on this tangled and sacred mountain offers a challenge, a beautiful landscape, and the spirituality needed to experience this ancient country intensely. Croagh in Gaelic means “sharp mountain”, and undoubtedly an apt term for this 765-meter mountain on top of which St. Patrick is said to have prayed for 40 days in a row. More than half of the people who undertake this rocky, unsheltered, and tiring journey are not professional hikers but pilgrims who have come to pay homage to the Saint, capable with his Celtic cross to symbolically unite Christians and pagans. The reward for those who make it to the top, in addition to a small white chapel, is a breathtaking view of Clew Bay and all of County Mayo. Once back down, a stop in Campbell’s ultra-century-old pub for a Guinness is a must. They’re the most popular phrase will be: “wow, it was the hardest walk of my life”. Insider tip: Legend has it that climbing to the top of Croagh Patrick seven times guarantees entry to Paradise regardless of previous behavior.

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