The most fascinating treks in the world

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

While the Routeburn Track may be a shorter trek, it has some of the best views. With soaring peaks, vast valleys, waterfalls, and glaciers that connect the route from Mount Aspiring National Park to Fiordland National Park. The highest point of the track is 1,255 meters above sea level, so the views are simply spectacular. The part of New Zealand that crosses the Routeburn Trail has been shaped by successive glaciations into moats, rocky shores, lush cliffs, lakes, and waterfalls. Birdlife is prolific through forested sections of the track; native tomtits, robins, fantails, wood pigeons, and bellbirds are commonly seen, as well as the cheeky Kea, the world’s only alpine parrot. This track is not in the shape of a ring and can be walked in two directions; the arrival of one of the tracks is at the Routeburn Shelter (near Glenorchy) and the other is at The Divide (closer to Te Anau). It is recommended to avoid traveling the route between May and September when there is a high risk of avalanches.

Overland Track, Australia

The Overland track maintains legendary status as one of the most pleasant walks in Australia. Wind your way along graded trails through Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness and step by step you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views, from the huge rocks of Mount Cradle to the shores of Lake St. Clair. Your vacation will lead you to make discoveries of some of Mother Nature’s greatest creations including waterfalls, mountain ponds, and different ecosystems. The itinerary is ideal for hikers who want to make the most of their time in the area by pointing out the highlights and exciting hikes along the way. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Australia!

GR20, Corsica

It is a pedestrian path that crosses the Corsican mountain that extends over 200km and is one of the most difficult routes in Europe (although anyone in good physical condition can tackle it) which can be dangerous in case of rain, thunderstorms, snow in winter. It is therefore advisable to do this between June and September when the climate is milder on the island. Well-trained walkers walk the trail in a couple of weeks (still walking an average of 7 hours a day). The classic GR20 runs from north to south, from Calenzana to Conca, and is divided into two main sections: from Calenzana to Vizzavona and from Vizzavona to Conca (northern and southern part of the GR 20). Haute Route, Switzerland This traverse, while not reaching particularly high peaks (the highest peak is Pigne d’Arolla 3796m) is always challenging. The real goal is to reach Zermatt, which is not always successful due to weather or snow problems. It can be accomplished with countless variations so that everyone can study the route on paper and decide according to the weather conditions and their preparation. The best season is between April and May, a period in which the crossing is also very popular. Anticipating a little, there are far fewer people, snow still dusty but some more problems are given by the avalanche alarm. The proposed tour can also be covered on foot in the summer season.

Inca Trail, Peru

The final destination is Machu Picchu, the most popular and well-known street among tourists. The walk has a total length of about 43 kilometers and a duration of four days, including a day visiting the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu. Nature around is wonderful with breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and the walk through the forest with its amazing archaeological remains is an unforgettable experience. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular excursions for those seeking adventure visiting Peru, spectacular landscapes of the Andes range, we can find a great mix of forest and mountains that will accompany us from start to finish. There is nowhere else on the planet a circuit that leads to a natural world in constant evolution, ecological floors adorned with towering mountains, rivers, and large wild animals. All these natural wonders added to the Incas constructions that are worth visiting, architectural art that harmonizes perfectly with the natural environment.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Nepal is the country where there are the highest and most majestic mountains on Earth, populated by different ethnic groups with religions and cultures very different from ours. This is where high altitude trekking and mountaineering were practically born. This trekking does not present mountaineering difficulties, it is without climbing or challenging passages, it is walking along mountain paths. The greatest difficulty is caused by altitude, which could cause altitude sickness. The path however suitable for excellent walkers in good health and training; it is necessary to keep in mind the effects connected to high altitude, to which one is exposed to the risk of altitude sickness. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Nepal! here is the list of the most fascinating treks in the world, at least in our opinion!

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