Trekking in Le Marche Region

Monte Conero

This itinerary allows you to touch all the most characteristic corners of Monte Conero, from the coast to the mountains. The path starts right on the north side of the Hotel Internazionale at the end of a series of stone steps. The itinerary winds, from start to finish, almost completely inside a natural “gallery” created by dense vegetation. With wide bends it climbs the northern side of the Conero, reaching Pian Grande. Along the way you will encounter some panoramic points on the coast that extends north from Portonovo. From the hotel, where it is possible to stop to eat something, a wide path leads to some viewpoints overlooking the sea; continuing downhill, after a wide hairpin bend right on the edge of the ridge that descends towards the rocks of the Due Sorelle, after a few hundred meters you reach a point where the path appears partially collapsed. Taking a trace of the path to the left, you will arrive in a few minutes at the “Grotta del Mortarolo”, probably one of the first places where hermits found refuge around the year 1000, digging the rock to create a sort of “shelter” with some windows and a vertical hole for the exit of smoke. Follow the same route back to the main path, quickly reaching Passo del Lupo, where you cross the path that starts from Sirolo and arrives at the Due Sorelle. Go up to the right the Fosso di San Lorenzo, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, and after passing three other quarries, take the road on the left, crossing a gully. Climb up a ridge to Pian di Raggetti, a large meadow clearing among tall trees. Here too you cross various paths, all marked: on the right you return to the convent of the Camaldolese, following the one in front you reach a site where there are some rock carvings from the Bronze Age, while on the left we find the small road to return to Pian So great in Portonovo.

Sibillini Mountains Trekking in the Marche

They constitute a portion of the Apennines between the Marches and Umbria. Defined as the backbone of the Italian boot, the Apennine chain, often considered a younger sister to the Alps, finds in the Sibillini peaks of all respect that reach almost 2,500 meters, such as Mount Carrier. The close relationship of the territory with man is well evidenced by texts written since the distant centuries, which tell us how these reliefs, originally covered by dense woods, have always been affected by their exploitation for breeding and agriculture. Today times have changed, we still have the tasty food tradition of these places, which translates into the famous sausages and cheeses, but above all the lentils, the typical legume of the area. It is precisely the lentils which, during flowering, flood the plain of Castelluccio with a bright yellow in early summer. Located in the southern sector of the Park, lying between Norcia and the slopes of Mount Carrier, the plain stretches up to the Presta Fork, giving its surface to agricultural crops divided into plots, each of a different color. Spectacular scenography also occurs in autumn, when the village of Castelluccio slowly emerges from the fog that covers the plain every morning and then dissolves with the passing of the hours. Click here now to discover the trekking trip of the Lame Rosse in the Sibillini Mountains in the Marche! The ridges that connect these peaks are green and very long, rounded and smoothed by time. Sometimes, the Sibillini take on the appearance of stony mountains. The paths that we have the opportunity to follow lead us on many of these, often above 2000 meters of altitude, almost always above the horizon of the arboreal vegetation. Click here now to discover the trekking trip in the Sibillini Mountains in the Marche!

Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park

The Park is a very rich deposit of geological, environmental, anthropological and cultural assets. The former undoubtedly concern the Gran Sasso, which with its 2912 m is the roof of the Apennines, but the geological richness of the Monti della Laga is also abundant, which with Monte Gorzano reach 2458 meters of altitude. Nature is not less evident, with the primacy of vegetation of 2364 registered species, while the woods that cover the mountains, often ancient, are authentic reservoirs of biodiversity and treasures of ecosystem services. In addition to the high altitude trails that lead to the Corno Grande, Monte Gorzano and the highest peaks, which can only be safely covered in summer, in the Park you have the possibility to choose to make excursions of various levels and difficulties. They rest on hundreds of marked trails that also include wide-ranging itineraries, such as the Gran Sasso horse trail and the Sentiero Italia. Many of these routes are also possible in spring and autumn, while some can also be tackled in winter, when the presence of snow however requires you to wear crampons or skis.

Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Natural Park

The Regional Natural Park of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi is the “green heart” of the Marche Region. The Park is an oasis of nature that offers the possibility of hiking along its many paths, admiring the variety of flora and fauna typical of the pre-Apennine environment. The natural phenomena that involve this area are interesting: the karst and the presence of sulfur springs. A splendid karst example is the suggestive Frasassi Gorge, carved by the erosive waters of the Sentino river which for millennia has shaped these places, creating rocky cliffs and giving rise to an underground kingdom of unparalleled splendor: the Frasassi caves. The area is a jewel of biodiversity with its 105 species of nesting birds, 40 species of mammals, 29 reptiles and amphibians and over 1250 plant species. The fauna that inhabits the Parco della Gola della Rossa and Frasassi highlights species of considerable naturalistic value for the Marche.

Sasso Simone and Simoncello Regional Natural Park

Located in the province of Pesaro Urbino, the enchanting mountain landscape reveals itself dotted with woods and historic centers in the Montefeltro area. You can choose between a trekking or a 3 or 7-night ride on horseback or by bike. The summer months are the ideal months to take beautiful walks among the gentle and sinuous hills and to be inspired by the search for the perfect “shot”. If you are passionate about fishing you will have the opportunity to test yourself with an expert fly fishing guide by going in search of a catch that can be memorable.

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