Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu with its 4,095 meters represents the highest peak in Malaysia. The mountain, which among other things is part of the Kinabalu park founded in 1964, is known all over the world for the presence of a great variety of botanical species, many of which are endemic and therefore grow only in this area, such as some orchids and ferns. This incredible biodiversity is due to the combination of several factors including, the high levels of precipitation, the presence of different climatic bands, and the diversity of rocks and soils that distinguish Mount Kinabalu. Click the link now to see our trekking trips to Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia! The area is also home to numerous birds and mammals, including the great ape orangutan, although its sightings are rare and the leopard cat. Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia It should be added that the ecosystem here has remained almost intact, as the steep sides of the mountain are not suitable for agriculture or the wood industry. Hikers must always be accompanied by accredited guides due to national park regulations. There are two main starting points for the ascent to the mountain: the Timpohon Gate (located 5.5 km from the Kinabalu Park headquarters, at an altitude of 1,866 meters) and the Mesilau Nature Resort, which is slightly higher in elevation. Usually, the climb is completed in one day, with the possibility of staying overnight in the shelters of the park, although it must be specified that due to the limited number of beds, only 130 people a day can climb Mount Kinabalu. To conclude, the Kinabalu Park area was included in 2000, in the list of places that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are planning to spend a wonderful itinerary of hiking and adventure, then surely this corner of Asia is just the one for you. Absolutely recommended this trip to discover Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia!

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