South Everest Base Camp

If you are a trekking lover, Nepal is your next stop and if you are truly one of the bravest, mountaineering is also one of the options. Nepal or rather; The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in the majestic Himalayas, and if we talk about this region we are talking about roads and mountains in this geographical area, there are at least seven of the highest peaks in the world, also known as “the eight thousand”, which alludes to the height of these impressive rock formations, it would only be necessary to say that the tallest of them is: Mount Everest. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Nepal! If it seems really ambitious to visit Everest but don’t worry, it is not our intention to convince you to reach it … however, you could start with a minimum circumnavigation up to “base camp – Everest South”, which has an altitude of 5,364 meters, to achieve the adventure you will have to fly on a small plane from Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) to Lukla in the Khumbu region at 2860 meters high, this place is known by explorers as a sort of gateway to the Himalayas. After landing in Lukla, you should get used to the absence of roads. From this moment on, start the crossing between rocks and broken roads, appropriate to test your agility, but do not worry; the effort I swear it will be worth it. To get to the Everest South Base Camp from Luka, it will take a week, we clarify that the trek will not be severe in terms of distance and its different phases, however; on the route you will find challenging slopes and you will have to pay close attention to the altitude, you should consult the guides so that they give you the precise recommendations to acclimatize well. When we say “Acclimatization” we refer to the right moment for your body to produce a greater number of red blood cells and to be able to adapt to a smaller amount of oxygen in the environment due to the height reached, as if that were not enough; you should prepare to spend a few nights at more than 3,500 meters (it is advisable not to sleep more than 600 meters from one night to the next). However, it is very important not to get tired; you have to ascend slowly and calmly, otherwise, you may experience “altitude sickness” which can give you a bad time, the symptoms can be: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and severe headache, when this happens the fastest solution is to go down to when the symptoms disappear, we repeat, if this happens it is because proper acclimatization has not occurred. On the route you will find comfortable places to rest, they are usually very cheap and offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, you will be received by the friendly Serpha villagers who are very attentive and respectful. On reaching the goal of arriving at Everest South Base Camp at 5,364 meters above sea level, you will be surprised to know that it is unlikely (if not impossible) to view the top of the highest mountain in the world, as the icefall of the glacier Khumbu prevents it, however, you will have to climb about 200 meters more to reach the top of “Kala Patthar”, a peak of 5,550 meters from where you can appreciate Everest and other peaks such as “Lhotse and Nuptse”. Nepal with its fantastic route to the base of Everest South should be on the trekking list, it is a place without comparison, a place to photograph, meditate, live … and live many times! Then we are waiting for you at South Everest Base Camp!

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