Light Trekking in Sri Lanka

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Light Trekking in Sri Lanka

An unusual seven-night trip to discover the most beautiful natural sites in Sri Lanka, light trekking excursions suitable for everyone will allow you to immerse yourself in the Sinhalese culture, admire splendid panoramas like that of Sigiriya, explore Knuckles Mountain Range (the forest of the five peaks), immerse yourself in the natural pools of kataran-Oya, and climb the most sacred mountain of Sri Lanka Adam’s Peak and visit the only UNESCO World Heritage Site” the Sinharaja Rainforest.

Free departures at least two participants

Valid from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021

1° day

COLOMBO - HABARANA (185km – Approx: 4h 30m) (-/L/D)

Arrival at Colombo International Airport.
A warm and sincere Sri Lankano-style welcome at the airport, where you will be greeted by one of our representatives.
Transfer to your hotel in Habarana, during the lunch route to a local restaurant.
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

2° day

HABARANA-HIRIWADUNA-KANDY (120km - Approx: 3h 30m) (B / L / D)

After breakfast departure for Hiriwaduna Trek.
Hiriwadunna Trek - distance about 2.5 km - travel time 2/3 hours
HIRIWADUNNA it is only 2 Km (5 minutes by car from Habarana, journey through the typical Sinhalese village, with the incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of Hiriwadunna, famous for its fantastic dry-bird habitat and the enchanting unspoiled nature. The walk begins with a trip on an ox cart through a quiet village, then continues the adventure on a catamaran towards the scenic Hiriwadunna lake - which has a splendid view of the Sigiriya rock fortress and Pidurangala rock; the spring itself is surrounded by dense jungle, swampy land and cultivated land.
After the catamaran safari, visit the local houses for a culinary taste of the authentic cuisine of a lunch prepared according to traditional methods using terracotta pots on a wood stove. This will be a great opportunity to witness authentic local cuisine and to take part in the preparation of the meal with the local women, ending with a relaxing walk towards the main road along the banks of the lake. On the way back you can observe moments of daily life such as fishing, women while washing clothes on the outskirts of the lake's waterways.

Lunch in a local restaurant, and continuation to Kandy.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

3° day

KANDY- KNUCKLES - KANDY (65km – 2 hrs) (B/L/D)

After breakfast daily excursion to Knuckles Mountain Range.

Knuckles Trek - distance about 7-9 km, travel time 4/5 hours.

KNUCKLES RANGE FOREST; The Knuckles Forest Range has been renamed thus for the five peaks: Kirigalpottha, Gombaniya, Knuckles, Koboneelagala, and Dotulugala, which all look like knuckles of a tight fist, which can be seen from many points of view. The Knuckles, called by the indigenous "Dumbara" hills with the meaning of misty mountains, we embrace the districts of Matale and Kandy covering an approximate area of 21000 hectares. The Knuckles massif is separated from the Central Plateau by a deep valley that takes its name from the mountains, Dumbara Valley. This supports the beauty of 35 high peaks over 1000 meters above sea level, 20 over 1500 meters and 2 peaks over 2000 meters. The area that includes those over 1500 meters in the Knuckles area was declared a climate reserve in 1973. The Knuckles fall under the forest conservation in April 2000 and consequently in the Unesco Human and Biosphere Program (MAB) . The Knuckles together with the forest area of the Peak Wilderness and the Horton Plains (called together the 'Central Plateau of Sri Lanka') were declared a Natural World Heritage Site in 2009.

Late afternoon transfer to the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

4° day

HABARANA – KITULGALA – NUWARA ELIYA (230km – Approx: 5hrs) (B/L/D)

After breakfast departure towards Nuwara Eliya, along the way, walk to Kitulgala.
The walk to the natural pools and waterfalls of "kataran-Oya" -1.5km. There are 7 extremely beautiful natural pools and a gift of nature where you will be able to try the following experiences:
• Letting yourself slide into the ground and tilt for 5 meters of waterfall, equipped with a life preserver, you will fall into the natural rocky pool.

• Safe jump in natural rocky pools.

After lunch in a local restaurant. Then continue to Nuwara Eliya.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

5° day


Early morning departure at 05:00 am to go for an excursion and to see the World's End view point in the Horton Plains National Park.

WORLD’S END is located at Horton Plains about 32 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. Horton Plains is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka with a height of 7200 feet. The central mountain is also known as the Cloud Forest.
It is highly recommended to leave in the early morning by jeep to visit the "Worlds End" before 10:00 am (subsequently enveloped in a dark haze). The incredible view to this place incredibly reflects the name given to it End of the World, "World's End" and is considered one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka. The terrifying and steep vertical slopes for about 1000 feet, almost fade away for another 4000 feet. In the morning, a growing silver glow starts from the horizon of the Indian ocean and continues for 50 miles south.

Lunch in a local restaurant.
In the afternoon transfer to Maskeliya, and free afternoon.
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

6° day

MASKELIYA - SINHARAJA (200km – Approx: 5hrs) (B/L/D)

Early morning at 2:00 am and start of the climb on Adam's Peak

ADAM'S PEAK; This is the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka, sacred to all four major religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Buddhists call it the Sri Pada Mountain ("the sacred footprint") and claim that it was visited by Buddha Gautama who left his footprints on the top of the mountain. For Hindus the summit represents the "Shiva Adipatham" and retains the imprints of Shiva. Muslims insist on the place where Adam first took his steps on the earth when he was driven out of the Gardens of Eden. The Roman Catholic church claims that there are the footprints of St. Thomas, the first Christian apostle who preached in southern India. The people of these religious groups climb the mountain on pilgrimage from the full moon day "Poya day" in December, until the day of the full moon in May, when the path to the top remains illuminated in the evening and many services remain available.

Lunch in a local restaurant. Free afternoon
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

7° day

SINHARAJA - COLOMBO (210km – Approx: 5 hrs) (B/L/D)

After breakfast, walk to the Sinharaja Forest Reserve

SINHARAJA RAIN FOREST RESERVE; Sinharaja is the only "UNESCO World Heritage Site" Rainforest in Sri Lanka, with a wide bio-diversity. The vegetation is characteristic of the evergreen tropical forest and the area considered in the reserve is 11.187 hectares. 331 robust trees and 192 lianas (60%) have been identified which are endemic to Sinharaja. As for the fauna there are 141 recorded bird species of 28 local endemics (34 of the whole country), 65 butterfly species (1 endemic), 10 fish species (7 endemic), 19 amphibian species (8 endemic ), 29 species of reptiles and snakes (14 endemic) and 40 species of mammals (7 endemic).
Sinharaja is the only undisturbed rain forest of considerable size, in which many of the plants are rare and are each traceable for their characteristics in an area. Sinharaja can be reached from Colombo via Matugama (174 km) or Ratnapura (154 km) in Kalawana, Weddagala and upwards to the Kudawa tented camp. From Galle to Deniyaya and Mederpitiya (10 km) and from there to Pitadeniya Camp to enter the Reserve from the south side of the country. The best time to visit is between December and early April, and from August to September.

Free afternoon
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

8° day

COLOMBO – AEROPORTO (40km – Approx: 1h) (B/-/-)

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport for departure.

Quota individuale di partecipazione in camera doppia a partire da:

Min 2 partecipanti Servizi
Cat. Standard:

Dal 01/05/20 al 30/06/20

Dal 01/09/20 al 31/10/20

€   990
Cat. Superior:

Dal 01/05/20 al 30/06/20

Dal 01/09/20 al 31/10/20

€  1.090
Cat. Standard:

Dal  01/07/20  al 31/08/20

€   1.120
Cat. Superior:

Dal  01/07/20  al 31/08/20

€  1.190
Cat. Standard:

Dal 01/11/20 al 10/12/20

Dal 01/03/21 al 30/04/21

€   990
Cat. Superior:

Dal 01/11/20 al 10/12/20

Dal 01/03/21 al 30/04/21

€   1.160
Cat. Standard:

Dal 11/12/20 al 28/02/21

€    950
Cat. Superior:

Dal 11/12/20 al 28/02/21

€  1.250

Quota di iscrizione


€      95



(B/L/D): B = colazione; L = pranzo; D = Cena

  • Supplementi obbligatori in caso di festività natalizie, festività locali e lata stagione saranno comunicati in occasione del preventivo.
  • Voli intercontinentali disponibili su richiesta


Hotel proposti o similari

Cat. Standard:

  • Kassapa Lions Rock, Sigiriya – Standard Room
  • Hotel Topaz, Kandy – Standard Room
  • Glenfall Reach, Nuwara Eliya – Deluxe Room
  • Watsala Inn, Maskeliya – Standard Room
  • Rain Forest Edge, Kalawana – Standard Room
  • Mirage Colombo, Colombo – Standard room

Cat. Superior:

  • Habarana Village,Habara– Superior Room
  • Cinnamon Citadel, Kandy – Superior Room
  • Jetwing St’ Andrews Hotel, Nuwara Eliya – Superior Room
  • Wathsala Inn, Maskeliya – Standard Room
  • Rain Forest Edge, Kalawana – Standard Room
  • Ozo Colombo, Colombo – Standard Room


In base alle condizioni climatiche, delle strade e al tempo di percorrenza, l’ordine di effettuazione delle visite potrebbe subire modifiche. Le mance non sono obbligatorie ma sono consigliate  a autisti e guide.


Dal 1° gennaio 2012, è’ stata introdotta una nuova regolamentazione relativa al regime dei visti di ingresso nel Paese: coloro che intendano visitare lo Sri Lanka (per turismo o affari) devono preventivamente acquisire il visto di ingresso “ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization”, (dal 1° gennaio 2013), che da’ diritto ad un ingresso nel Paese fino a 30 giorni. L’ETA può essere richiesto online, sul sito oppure attraverso le agenzie di viaggio o presso l’Ambasciata dello Sri Lanka a Roma. E’ possibile ottenere l’ETA anche all’arrivo all’aeroporto di Colombo ad un costo di 40 dollari americani. E’ possibile prorogare la durata del visto (dalla data di entrata nel Paese) presentando apposita istanza presso le Rappresentanze dello Sri Lanka presenti all’estero o personalmente presso il Dipartimento dell’Immigrazione e Emigrazione in Colombo.


Tassi di cambio di riferimento per le valute:

Valuta: Dollaro USA(USD) – Cambio: 1,11

Variazioni dei cambi con oscillazioni maggiori del 3% comporteranno un adeguamento dei costi e verranno comunicati entro i 20 giorni dalla partenza.


Blocco valuta: € 50 a pratica. Il cliente ha la possibilità di bloccare definitivamente il costo dei servizi a terra che non sarà più  oggetto Di  oscillazioni valutarie.  La richiesta dovrà avvenire contestualmente alla conferma.


La quota include

  • 7 notti presso Hotel menzionati o se non disponibili altri della stessa categoria su base camera doppia standard
  • Pasti come da programma
  • Trasferimenti e visite in condivisione con altri partecipanti, con guida/autista parlante italiano
  • Ingressi nel seguenti siti: Adam’s Peak, Hiriwaduna Trek, Knuckles Mountain Range, White Water Rafting in Kitulgala, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, & Horton Plains National Park
  • Kit da Viaggio con zaino, volumi fotografici, porta abiti/trolley (secondo importo pratica)
  • L’assicurazione per l’ assistenza medica, il rimpatrio sanitario ed il danneggiamento al bagaglio


La quota non include

  • I voli intercontinentali da/per l’Italia in classe economica (disponibile su richiesta)
  • Pasti non menzionati, le bevande, le mance, gli extra di carattere personale, eccedenza bagaglio
  • Le escursioni facoltative e tutto ciò non evidenziato nella voce “la quota comprende”.
  • Quota di iscrizione
  • Facchinaggio bagagli in hotel e negli aeroporti
  • Tasse aeroportuali soggette a variazione
  • Assicurazione integrativa medico-bagaglio OPZ A: massimale spese mediche fino a 50.000 euro / bagaglio fino a 1.500 euro.

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