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Myanmar Trekking: Authentic along the Burmese senti – Fixed dates 2021

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Myanmar Trekking: Authentic along the Burmese senti – Fixed dates 2021


Myanmar: an authentic country where tourism is still in its infancy, especially for the routes proposed in this trekking itinerary. You will be offered an authentic journey to the heart of the country, which will allow you to discover local customs and rites up close. Trip highlights:

  • Bagan on foot and by bicycle
  • Shan State through a 3-day trek
  • 2 nights in the monastery
  • Meeting with local communities
  • the spiritual experience of giving to the monks

You will start with Yanong, the former capital and largest city of Myanmar with an unforgettable urban trek, but you cannot miss the local train that will take you to different points of the city. A visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda is also a must, a must for those traveling to Myanmar, of indescribable beauty and dotted with shops where you can shop for local objects. Also in Yangon, early in the morning, it is possible to witness the “donation to the monks” during the daily ceremony. Soon after you will immerse yourself in the local culture reaching the village of Kyun Thiri for a taste of what awaits you in the following days. Finally arrived in Kalaw for your 3 days of trekking, but not only, but also real-life experiences such as family lunch and overnight stay in the monastery. This hilltop town in Shan state is ideal for trekking, and the trails reach Inle Lake, the last stop on our journey. The proposed stay at the lake is another opportunity to discover how Burmese live, in particular their agricultural reality by visiting the villages of Thale U and Alae Myaung, or to experience the exciting floating of their small wooden boats on the canals of the lake, that like small roads will take you far and wide admiring the houses, the pagodas present in this village.

Shared departures on fixed dates, minimum 2 people

1° day

Arrival in Yangon (- / - / D)

Arrival in Yangon, the former capital, also known as Rangoon, is the largest city in Myanmar and continues to be the most important commercial center in the country and the arrival point for most visitors international. The colonial past and religious heritage make the city one of the most fascinating places in Southeast Asia. Independent transfer to your hotel (Possibility of organizing a private transfer to the hotel with an additional
Meet your guide in the evening in the hotel lobby and then head to a local restaurant for a welcome dinner and an introduction to your Myanmar tour.

2° day

Yangon (B/-/-)

This morning you will get up early to attend a traditional event, the donation to the monks (Alm donation). This daily ritual takes place everywhere in the country in the early morning and you can experience it in one of the districts of Yangon, respectfully observing the traditional "ceremony". At the sound of the gong, the monks in their burgundy robes line upholding their donation bowl. This ritual brings credit to the laity who take part in the daily ceremony by giving the monks rice and curry in exchange for blessings.
After the ceremony, you will begin exploring Yangon and you can begin to immerse yourself in the daily life of the largest city in Myanmar. From Yangon Central Station you will board the "Circular Train" which stops in the different districts of the city and the suburbs. This train moves very slowly, which will allow you to really take advantage of the atmosphere of the area and give you an overall view of the city (the train journey takes about 20 minutes, the train is not very comfortable as it is a local means of transport). Get off at Kyee Myin Daino station, one of the most beautiful stations in Yangon. At this time in the morning, the neighborhood is in turmoil with children going to school, people having breakfast before going to work, monks and nuns collecting donations. You will continue in trishaw on Shan Road to go to the market where you can find some interesting products. Stroll among the stalls filled with local exotic fruits and vegetables. And once you have finished your visit to the market, your driver will take you to the pier where you will discover a market of bananas, coconuts, and sugar cane. Then head to the famous Lucky Seven tea salon where you can taste tea or a typical Burmese dish that you can choose with the help of your guide.
Free lunch and urban trek to follow in the center of Yangon
Around the city you will find alleys that have been renovated to become public spaces for the local community and are nicely decorated with street-art works and very special furnishings; these alleys are real artistic gems of downtown Yangon.
You will start your exploration from the Sule Pagoda and walk-up Mahabandoola Street until you arrive at 31st and 32nd street. Between the various condominiums, you will notice gates that give access to courtyards and often connect the various streets of the neighborhoods.
After visiting this area you will continue to Anawratha, climb stairs to pass an intersection, and admire the brilliant Sule Pagoda which is located in the center of Yangon. Next, you will visit Mahabandoola Park Street where you can see one of the latest urban projects: an alley completely dedicated to Burmese cinema as a tribute to the nearby cinema - the Waziya Cinema, a protected building, and one of the oldest cinemas in Myanmar. />
No trip to Myanmar is complete without a visit to the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda. Its imposing beauty alone is worth the trip. The visit will start from the eastern staircase dotted with small shops of religious objects that extend to the base of the temple. Here you will find robes for monks, alms bowls, offerings, incense, and other items typical of the Buddhist religion. As you stroll through the stalls, your guide will introduce you to the traditions and rituals of Myanmar's Buddhists. Once on the terrace, you will see the wonderful colors reflected on the 100 meters of the chedi, literally covered with over 40 tons of gold leaf. Shwedagon Pagoda is rightfully considered the most important religious site in Myanmar. Many visitors declare that the visit to the pagoda will remain one of the best memories of their trip to this country.
- Alm donation - depending on the size of the monastery and the time of year, the number of monks may vary. Please respect the ritual - take pictures respectfully, do not touch the robes of the monks, and do not hinder them
- Urban art: alleys you will visit are public spaces and are managed by a team of volunteers and the local community. The state and cleanliness will vary from alley to alley.

3° day

Yangon - Bagan - villaggio in Kyun Thiri (B / - / -)

Breakfast and transfer to the airport for the flight to Bagan.
The first stop on your visit to this magnificent destination will be a place elevated in the middle of the plain to admire the surrounding rice fields, pagodas, and temples. From here, you can take a look around the Ananda temple - one of Bagan's most honored temples. We will make sure that the tour passes this place before the arrival of most of the tourists in order to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the temple in relative tranquility. The tour will continue to the village of Myinkaba where you will be able to admire another particular temple. There will be opportunities to be amazed by the beautiful bas-reliefs and sculptures. Additionally, you will have the chance to visit two smaller temples, both known for their beautiful Buddha statues. Next, you will learn more about the local culture by visiting two workshops that produce some of Bagan's most famous products: lacquerware and wooden crafts. You will marvel at how skilled craftsmen use traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation to create fantastic objects.

Kyun Thiri, the village where time stands still
After this visit, you will board a wooden boat for a short cruise towards the outskirts of Bagan: let yourself be slowly enveloped by the relaxing atmosphere that hovers over the village of Kyun Thiri, where time seems to have stopped. Set off to discover the village of peasants, on an ox cart along the dusty streets of the village. Grab your camera and be ready to immortalize beautiful landscapes and the tapering stilt houses in front of which lay carpets of chilies. You will then take a break with a local family, to enjoy a genuine chat over a cup of good tea. You will then continue your exploration of the surrounding area with a visit to the teak wood monastery that rises silently along the river. Before returning to your boat, you can take some photos of the beautiful panorama of Tuyin Taung, Ta Kyi Taung, and the river.

4° day

Bagan (B/-/-)

Option: Hot air balloon ride over Bagan
The morning will begin with a hot air balloon ride (40'-50 'ca) to fly over the expanse of Bagan. You can watch the sun rise from the Irrawaddy River and the stupas unfold as far as the eye can see across the immense plain. Bagan is the only place on Earth where you can find this type of show and experience these emotions ...
N.B. Available only from October / November to March. In case of last-minute cancellation due to bad weather, the full payment will be refunded. This morning the alarm is super early to be able to do the balloon ride. In-flight with the hot air balloon we have the opportunity to admire the sunrise over the Irrawaddy river and the stupas of the region. It is a truly unique experience that enhances this huge esplanade with over 2,000 stupas.
• Available only from October / November to March.
• Both pilots and hot air balloons have full international safety certificates issued in the UK.
• The start time and duration of the flight are subject to change based on wind conditions.
• The flight can be canceled at the last minute if wind conditions are considered unsafe. In this case, the full price will be refunded.
• Due to limited places, please book in advance. If you book on the spot before your flight, the organizer will decide your own fares.
• Please inform the weight of the participants (in kilograms) when booking your flight.
• All passengers over 125 kilograms, or passengers requiring space in the restricted basket for 2 passengers, will be required to pay a supplement of 100% of the ticket price.
• Children under the age of 8 cannot fly. A child under the age of 16 will only be able to ride a balloon if accompanied by a responsible adult and exceeds 137cm in height.
While Bagan's monuments are easily explored by car, a bicycle trip offers the chance to take small roads that pass between the villages and stop along the way whenever you want. Ready to go on a bike for a half-day excursion. You will cycle with your guide through the center of Bagan making frequent stops along the way. You will have plenty of time to visit religious monuments, but the most interesting points of your day will be the colorful market and visits to the villages. Riding your bicycle, proceeding slowly, you will be able not only to observe the lifestyle of the locals but also to feel part of their daily activities: farmers on the way to the fields, children returning after a day of school, and craftsmen at work in their stores. Make sure you have your camera batteries charged as there will be plenty of unique photo opportunities on this Bagan adventure.
Distance and duration of the bike ride: between 10 and 30 kilometers - 2 to 4 hours by bike
Terrain: a mix of paved roads, sandy paths, and dirt roads, mostly flat. The sand can make the course challenging in some parts
A mountain bike with a helmet is included in the excursion. For people who don't want to ride a bike, you can use an electric scooter

The afternoon will be free, you can relax by the pool at your hotel or further explore Bagan's temples on your own.

5° day

Bagan- Kalaw (B/-/-)

Today it is time to leave Bagan and head for Kalaw. Driving through the hills of Shan state along a winding road you can capture unforgettable images typical of Burmese rural life.
You will arrive in Kalaw, an ancient mountain garrison during the British presence where British officers took refuge to escape the heat. Even today this destination is a holiday destination thanks to its pure air, pleasant atmosphere, green trees, and paths suitable for trekking.
You will reach Kalaw in the afternoon and have time to explore this small town soaking up its atmosphere.
Rest of the day free.

6° day

Trekking a Kalaw / Myin Ka- Lwe Saung - Hin Khar Pin- Kone Lwin- Thar Mine Khan (B / L / D)

After breakfast in Kalaw, you will depart from the tourist trails to go to the village of Tha Yet Pu where your trekking excursion begins. The morning walk will take you mainly through the Danu and Pa-Oh villages, and rolling hills covered with many fields and seasonal crops. You will have the chance to meet many local farmers along the trail, especially during the harvest months there will be a lot of activity in the fields. The plantations in this area vary from cauliflower and cabbage to chilies, garlic, and peanuts, depending on the time of year. For lunch you will stop in a village, surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere, where you will be served lunch with a family.
After lunch, you will continue along the trail climbing some hills passing other villages including Taung Yoe, which is one of the smaller tribes in the area.
In the late afternoon, you will arrive at the Thar Mine Khan monastery, you will have time to relax and enjoy the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere that surrounds you; if you want you can also explore the area with a walk. Dinner based on local dishes will be prepared by the team and will be served around 18h00-19h00.

After enjoying this delicious meal surrounded by a unique atmosphere, relax and enjoy a good night's sleep in the monastery.
Accommodation: Overnight at Thar Mine Khan Monastery
Distance and duration of the excursion: 24 kilometers - 6 hours 30
Difference in altitude: less than 700 meters
Terrain: hilly country roads, through woods, villages and tea plantations
- Room shared with other travelers outside your travel group.
The comfort level is very basic, just a local style mattress on the floor, pillows, and blanket.
Mosquito nets are provided in case of need.
Shared toilets outside with bucket showers.
- The local team and the guide will bring food, water, and everything you need for the various days of trekking. Travelers must bring a small backpack with clothing and the necessary to spend these 3 days of trekking.
The main suitcase will be transported to the hotel in Inle. If some travelers want to take their suitcases with them, transport can be arranged for an additional fee.

7° day

Trekking / Thar Mine Khan - Nyaung Pin Thar - Kar Par Ni - Supann Inn - Wa Gyi Myaung (B / L / D)

This morning, you will start with a rich and tasty breakfast at the monastery.
Your second day of trekking will take about 6-7 hours on foot and will take you to other characteristic areas of the Shan through various villages. In the morning you will pass through Nyaung Pin Thar, a village of the Pa O ethnic group, where there is the possibility to take a short break for tea. After that, you will reach Kan Par Nin, where you can observe the various traditional blacksmiths and pottery workshops that use incredible techniques to make their wares. The final stretch of today's itinerary will lead you uphill on a steep path for about an hour and 30 minutes through a dense wooded area. Your final destination is Wa Gyi Myaung, a charming little village with very friendly people. Refresh and relax in peaceful surroundings before dinner and before bedtime.
Accommodation: Overnight at War Gyi Myaung Monastery
Meals: Lunch at the local house and dinner at the War Gyi Myaung Monastery
Level 3
Distance and duration of the excursion: 24 kilometers - 6 hours 30
Difference in altitude: less than 700 meters
Terrain: hilly country roads, through woods, villages and tea plantations
- Room shared with other travelers outside your travel group.
- The comfort level is very basic, just a local style mattress on the floor, pillows, and blanket.
Mosquito nets are provided in case of need.
Shared toilets outside with bucket showers.

8° day

Trekking Wa Gyi Myaung - Khaung Daing - Lago Inle (B / - / -)

As you wake up to pristine views, observe the villagers' morning routine as they prepare for a day in the fields of trading.
After a hearty breakfast, tie your shoes and leave for the last excursion to Inle Lake. After an hour's walk down the hill, you will reach the village of Kyauk Nget where you will stop for a cup of tea and you will have another opportunity to meet and interact with the people who live on these hills that surround Inle Lake. The last stretch of your hike will take you through the crops of various vegetables and down the hill to the shores of Inle Lake. After walking for about two and a half hours, you will arrive at Khaung Daing village around noon, where a boat will be waiting to take you to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.
Distance and duration of the excursion: 4 hours - 13 kilometers
Difference in altitude: + 135 meters / - 784 meters
Terrain: hilly country roads, through woods, villages and tea plantations.

9° day

Lago Inle (B/L/-)

It's time to start discovering Inle Lake.
The calm waters of the lake and the magnificent landscapes of the mountains will surround you throughout your journey. You will pass through some villages built on stilts and inhabited by the Intha people. You can observe the daily life of local fishermen rowing with one leg and admire the floating gardens surrounded by bamboo.
Visit the Hpe Nga Chaung Monastery which houses a wide range of Buddha Shan. In the past, the monastery was known for its "jumping cats" even if now there are only a few cats that live around the monastery and no longer jump.
Continue to the Phandawoo Pagoda, famous for being located in the center of the lake, which contains five sacred statues of Buddha covered in gold.
During this boat ride, you will also discover the crafts of Inle Lake with a visit to the village of Inpawkhone, known throughout the country for its silk, lotus, Burmese cigar shops, and pirogue constructions (closed on public holidays).

Thale U and agricultural life on Inle Lake
Next, you will visit the villages of Thale U and Alae Myaung and discover traditional farming methods on the shores of Inle Lake. First, you will take a scenic walk through Thale U, a typical lakeside village, to enjoy the incredible landscapes and observe the traditional ways of life of the residents. You will continue, with the village of Alae Myaung, where residents rely on the fertile soil to grow various types of vegetables, which are then sold and distributed throughout the Shan state, and the morning market open 5 days a week. With the lake to the east and hills to the west, the landscape is one of the most picturesque in all of Myanmar.
A simple but authentic encounter with the villagers.

Lunch at an Intha family
For lunch, the final destination is the home of an Intha family where you can live an experience that will remain forever etched in your memory. The Intha, an ethnic minority of the Inle region, has the particularity of living in stilts and growing incredible floating gardens on the lake (cultivation on humus skeins consisting of different herbs, hyacinth, and earth, fixed to the bottom of the lake with bamboo sticks). You will discover all the ingredients and cooking techniques of the Intha thanks to the family who will prepare traditional dishes before your eyes.

Floating among the floating gardens
After lunch and a relaxing break, board a small wooden boat usually used by lake residents to take care of the gardens. Relax and enjoy the beauty of Inle's floating gardens as the soft light of the late afternoon sun caresses the calm water. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and experience the serenity of the place.
Distance and duration of the tour: 3.5 kilometers - 1 hour 30
Difference in altitude: + 27 meters / - 14 meters
Terrain: country roads through the village and dirt roads through the fields.

10° day

Lago Inle (B/-/-)

After breakfast you will visit the lake market (every day except for new and full moon days). The market moves between the various villages every 5 days. Every day the inhabitants of the lake and the different ethnic groups go there to sell and exchange products of all kinds.
Today you will travel to Kyay Zar Kone village by boat to start your cycling adventure. Following the narrow paths along the canal, you will cycle in the direction of the Indein Pagoda complex. The canals are protected by a lush green bamboo forest which will undoubtedly have a relaxing effect on you. Follow the canal for 30 minutes before reaching a main road that will lead you to Indein through small villages and along rice fields. While the first part of the itinerary is very easy, the second part will be a little more challenging with some ups and downs. Finally you will arrive in Indein where you can take a well-deserved break. The famous Stupa complex is always bustling with activity. Sit on the shore for a while for a refreshing drink or take a look at the stalls where many local arts and crafts are exhibited. Then venture into the village before starting your climb to reach the top of the hill. Once you reach the top, you will be greeted by a magnificent statue of Buddha that stands among a hundred stupas and ruins submerged by vegetation.
This pagodas complex is certainly the most impressive of Inle Lake. On the way back, you can stop at the Inthar Heritage House, a typical local house, built according to the canons of the traditional architecture of the region, where you will also be offered some delicious traditional meals (not included).
At the end of the day, you will return by boat to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.
Accommodation: overnight at Inle Lake.
Distance and duration of the bike ride: about 18 kilometers - 2 hours by bike
Difference in altitude: + 52 meters / - 47 meters
Terrain: paved roads and dirt roads - some traffic in the last part of the route.

11° day

Lago Inle - Heho – Yangon (B/-/-)

Take advantage of your last boat ride from your hotel to Nyaung Shwe pier to enjoy the panorama of Inle- From Nyaung Shwe you will be transferred to Heho airport for your flight to Yangon.
Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to one of the most impressive countries in the world. Depending on the time of your flight (in any case in the evening), you can go independently to the Bogyoke market (closed on Mondays and holidays), better known as "Scott Market", to stroll among the stalls full of handicrafts and thus make the last purchases. Transfer to Yangon International Airport with driver only.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureCategoria 3*Categoria 4*
DoubleSupplement singleDoubleSupplement single
From 16 January 2021 to 5 December 2021€ 1,190€ 270€ 1,290€ 340


(B / L / D-AI): B = breakfast; L = lunch; D = Dinner; (AI) = All Inclusive

On-site departures as follows:

  • January 16, 2021
  • February 20, 2021
  • 06 March 2021
  • October 16, 2021
  • 05 November 2021
  • 05 December 2021
  • Half board (6 dinners: 4 dinners in local restaurants and 2 dinners at the Inle lake hotel): € 150

Proposed hotels or similar:

3 * hotels planned or similar 4 * hotels planned or similar
Yangon Best Western Green Hill Hotel * * * (Deluxe) Rose Garden Hotel * * * * (Superior)
Bagan Amata Boutique House [My Bagan Residence by Amata] * * * (Deluxe Residence) Amata Garden Resort Bagan * * * * (Amata Deluxe)
Kalaw Dream Mountain Resort * * * (Deluxe) Kalaw Heritage Hotel * * * (Superior room with garden view)
Inle Amata Garden Resort Inle * * * * (Deluxe Lake Side / Mountain View) Novotel Inle Lake * * * * (Junior Suite)

The itinerary may be subject to changes based on internal flight operations.


– For Italian citizens entering the country from the international airports of Yangon and Mandalay it is possible to obtain a visa on site upon arrival in the country (cost 50 USD and 2 passport photos). To speed up the procedures for obtaining a visa at the border, we suggest that you apply for the approval letter before departure, directly on the government website where, after paying 50 USD by credit card, filling in the online form accompanied by an electronic passport photo, you will obtain, within 5 working days, an approval letter to be printed and shown upon arrival at the airport (together with the passport with a residual validity of at least 6 months) to obtain of the visa.



Please note that check-in at hotels is scheduled from 14:00 onwards; while check-out must be done by 12:00, unless otherwise indicated on the spot.

Exchange rate € 1.00 = USD 1.22

Changes in exchange rates with fluctuations greater than 3% will lead to an adjustment of costs and will be communicated within 20 days of departure, or according to agreements between the parties at the time of definition/confirmation of the travel contract.


CURRENCY BLOCK: It is possible to permanently block the cost of ground services that will no longer be subject to currency fluctuations with a supplement of € 50 per practice. The request must be made simultaneously with the confirmation.

The tariff includes

  • Mentioned hotel- if not available other / s of the same category and 2 nights in monastery
  • Transfers as per program, local train to Yangon, private motorboat on Inle Lake
  • 2 domestic flights
  • Treatment indicated in the program
  • Local English speaking guides during the visits
  • Steel bottles and refill stations available
  • GoWorld travel kit (backpack, photographic volumes, garment/trolley bag – according to practice amount)
  • Insurance for medical assistance (up to € 15,000), medical repatriation and damage to luggage (up to € 1,000)- with possible integration

The tariff does not include

  • Flights and airport taxes subject to change
  • Tips

– for guides: USD 3-5 per person per day
– for drivers: USD 2-3 per person per day
Porters at hotels: USD 0.50 per bag

  • hot air balloon ride (available on request)
  • Resort Fee or Tourist Tax in hotels (currently 0.50 Euro per person per day)- where not specifically indicated.
  • Optional excursions, transfer to and from the airport
  • Government and local taxes not in effect at the time of listing
  • Drinks and/or meals- where not expressly mentioned
  • Personal expenses and extras
  • Excess baggage
  • Visa on arrival
  • Supplementary travel cancellation insurance
  • Supplementary medical-baggage insurance OPZ A: maximum medical expenses up to 55,000 euros/baggage up to 1,500 euros
  • Supplementary medical-baggage insurance OPZ B: maximum medical expenses up to 155,000 euros/baggage up to 1,500 euros
  • Supplementary medical-baggage insurance OPZ C: maximum medical expenses up to 265,000 euros/baggage up to 1,500 euros
  • GLOBY ROSSA supplementary insurance
  • Registration fee of  € 95
  • Anything else not expressly indicated in “the tariff includes” or elsewhere in the program
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