14 days / 13 nights

Trekking between stars and volcanoes of Nicaragua

from € 1,780

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Trekking between stars and volcanoes of Nicaragua

A 14-day tour immersed in the luxuriant Nicaraguan nature, to discover its volcanoes with the possibility of “surfing” close to its top of the Cerro Negro, where an equally unforgettable experience will be proposed… dinner and overnight under the stars!! Ready for the descent? :)

1° day


Arrival at Managua airport where guests will be expected and accompanied to the hotel for an overnight stay.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

2° day

Managua, vulcano Masaya, Granada

Transportation to Masaya volcano (about 30 minutes), one of Nicaragua's natural wonders. We will guide you to the jaws of the active crater which constantly emits a cloud of smoke.
You will continue in the direction of the wonderful colonial city of Granada, the pearl of Nicaragua, also called La Gran Sultana, due to its architectural similarity to the Spanish region of Andalusia.
You will reach the pier to start a boat tour, sailing on Cocibolca lake among the islets formed following an ancient eruption of the Mombacho volcano. You will also flank the monkey island, a place inhabited exclusively by these mammals.
Accommodation at your hotel and free time to visit the city. We recommend a walk along the Calzada, the main colonial street full of bars and restaurants all characterized by a bohemian atmosphere.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

3° day

Granada, Reserve of the Mombacho volcano

Transport at the foot of the Mombacho volcano (inactive), where a characteristic pickup truck will take tourists to the top. From here an excursion will follow along the path of el Puma (4 Km, 3/4 hours for the entire route) which extends along the tropical forest, covered with dense vegetation, habitat of 150 species of mammals, 50 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles and amphibians and a flora of 750 plant species. Besides, several endemic species are part of the fauna of the volcano; one of the most representative is the Mombacho salamander, which can only be admired in this part of the world!
Along the way, there are many panoramic points from which you can enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Cocibolca.
Lunch included in the reserve.
In the afternoon you will reach the Apoyo lagoon, a volcanic lagoon filled with intense blue water surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy a refreshing bath or a moment of relaxation.
Return to Granada.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

4° day

Granada, San Jorge, island of Ometepe

Breakfast and transport to San Jorge, where you will take the ferry to reach the island of Ometepe on Lake Cocibolca, an earthly paradise dominated by two volcanoes.
Today you will discover the Jesùs-Marìa point, the most western point of the island.
When you reach this place you will see a narrow strip of land (it seems an extension of the island) which in dry periods stretches for about a kilometer on the lake. You can walk on this strip of sand with the water splashing from both sides.
During the rainy season, the water level rises to the point of making this portion of land disappear; the waves come from both sides in the opposite direction, colliding at this point. It is the same phenomenon that occurs when two seas meet, but on a smaller scale.
After the excursion our transport service will take you to the hotel.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

5° day

Island of Ometepe

In the morning trekking on the Madeira volcano along a natural path that will guide you to the beautiful natural waterfalls of San Ramòn (4.5 km of ups and downs, for about 4 hours). You can take the best shower of your life in a wonderful setting.
In the afternoon visit a natural pool of healthy waters hidden among trees and plants for a swim and some relaxation.
Return to the hotel.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

6° day

Island of Ometepe

This day is dedicated to one of the activities that attract mountain and trekking enthusiasts from all over the American continent; you will climb the Concepcin volcano, observing different types of vegetation while you will climb along the crater, up to the el Floral panoramic point, which offers an unparalleled view of the island below (about 6 hours round trip). If you want and if your physical condition allows it, you can reach the top, where the crater is constantly covered by a hat of smoke (about 8 hours round trip).
Packed lunch included.
Return in the afternoon.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

7° day

Ometepe Island, San Jorge, Leon

Return by ferry to San Jorge where our transport service will wait for you to take you to Leòn, a beautiful colonial city and ancient capital of the country.
Accommodation in the hotel and free afternoon for a walk in the historical center.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

8° day

Leon, Cerro Negro vulcano

After breakfast you will go to the Cerro Negro Volcano Natural Reserve and here the 4-day challenge will begin on one of the youngest and most active volcanoes on Earth. Cerro Negro (the black hill) was formed 160 thousand years ago and has since erupted 18 times. There are no trees or plants on its steep slopes of gravel and black ash, which is why we enjoy a panoramic view of the horizon. The climb takes about an hour. The descent that promises to be very fun is much faster: you will descend along this volcano sinking your feet in the soft lava ash or surfing, i.e. slipping on a board that will take you to the base in just over 10 minutes. After the stop in Cerro Negro, you have lunch (packed lunch included) and prepare for another excursion to our camp in the community of Rota, walking for two and a half hours on flat ground through a tropical forest. In the evening you will have a meal cooked on the campsite under the stars. Total walking time: 4 hours
(Open-air camping)

9° day

Vulcano Rota, Leòn

After breakfast you will leave the community of Rota and continue the adventure with another excursion to the Rota Volcano (about 5 hours of walking in total). This is another Protected Natural Area with very well kept points, well-marked paths, and a circular crater a kilometer wide. It is located between the Cerro Negro volcano and the Telica volcanic complex in the central Maribios range. Many families have settled in the hills around this volcano for their peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to meet some of them over a cup of good coffee. After lunch (included) consumed at the La Esperanza hacienda, you will descend from the top for about 2 and a half hours towards the main route in the opposite direction passing through the fields and rural farms. The return journey to the hotel will only take 40 minutes.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

10° day

Leon, Telica volcano

You will start the day riding an ATV between rural villages mostly on dirt roads for an hour, until you reach the slopes of the Telica volcano. From here you will embark on an excursion through the dry tropic along a path that will take you to the top right next to the crater where volcanic activity is particularly evident. It is also impressive just to observe the crater walls during the ascent.
This volcano is characterized by its frequent gas and pyroclastic emissions from the main crater. On the same level as the volcano, you will find other (extinct) structures such as the Cerro Aguero and the Santa Clara volcano that were active millions of years ago.
From the top, you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Pacific coast and the Los Maribios volcanic chain, with 5 of Nicaragua's 7 active volcanoes. After the packed lunch (included) you will continue the excursion for another 4 hours following a downhill path in the opposite direction, towards the community of San Jacinto where you will be accompanied to the hotel. Total walking time: 6 hours.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

11° day

Leòn, Cosiguina volcano, Pacific coast

For the last day of trekking (about 6 hours), a transfer of 120 kilometers to the foot of the Cosiguina volcano awaits ypu. The most violent eruption in Nicaragua's recent history dates back to 22nd January 1835, precisely of this volcano. A huge part of the crater has been swept away and some rock fragments have formed islands in the Gulf of Fonseca. The ashes rained in an area so vast that it reached Mexico City. The ash cloud blocked the sunlight within a radius of 150 kilometers. After this brief but brutal eruption, the volcano erupted only a few more times before it became dormant in 1859. To date, this volcano simply looks like a long hill covered with trees. However, the crater and its lake represent a truly suggestive sight, the top offers an unparalleled view that sweeps over the three countries of Central America that overlook the Gulf of Fonseca: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. Packed lunch included.
After the excursion, you will be taken to your hotel (about 2.5 hours journey time) located on a beach on the Pacific coast in the community of Las Peñitas, near the Juan Venado Natural Reserve, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

12° day

Pacific coast

Relax in a wonderful natural setting on the ocean coast, in front of Juan Venado Island.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

13° day

Pacific coast, Managua

Last hours on the beach and return to Managua, hotel accommodation.
Free dinner and overnight stay.

14° day


Breakfast and check-out, in-time transfer to the airport for the return flight.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020€ 1,780


  • The fee is not valid for the high season, holy week, 14th February, 1st May and 14th-15th September  2020. And any supplement will be communicated on the occasion of the booking request.

Passport  necessary, with residual validity of at least 6 months.

Entry visa- not necessary, for tourism up to 90 days of stay in the country. The regulations on foreign travel of minors vary according to national provisions. It is advisable to take up-to-date information at the Embassies, the Consulates of the country accredited in Italy, or at your Questura.
The local Ministry of the Interior recently suggested to all foreigners who have to enter Nicaragua through air, sea, or land borders, the opportunity to fill out a form to report their entry into the country. This form is not mandatory but can facilitate entry procedures.
The form, downloadable in Spanish and English, is available on the link https://ambmanagua.esteri.it/ambasciata_managua/it/ambasciata/news/dall_ambasciata/2018/08/formulario-per-ingresso-in-nicaragua.html and must be forwarded to the [email protected] and [email protected] e-mail boxes with at least one week’s notice of the date of entry.
In the event that no reply is received to the request for authorization at the entrance, it is suggested to repeat the request or, in any case, to print and follow up the form containing the request and the e-mail message with which it was sent. forwarded to the above addresses.

The tariff includes

  • Mentioned hotel/s, and- if not available, other/ s of the same category
  • Transfer (s) as scheduled
  • Tour as scheduled with English and Spanish-speaking guide from day 3 to day 9
  • Treatment indicated in the breakfast and lunch program (main course with rice and vegetables, packed lunch on 3rd-6th-8th-9th-10th-11th day and dinner on day 8th)
  • GoWorld travel kit (backpack, photographic volumes, clothes/trolley holder – according to practical amount)
  • Insurance for medical assistance (up to € 15,000), medical repatriation and damage to baggage (up to € 1,000)- with possible integration

The tariff does not include

  • International flights
  • Registration fee of € 95
  • Airport taxes subject to change
  • Gratuities
  • Resort Fee or Tourist Tax in hotels- if not specifically indicated.
  • Optional excursions
  • Currency lock
  • Government and local taxes not in effect at the time of listing
  • Drinks and/ or meals- if not expressly mentioned
  • entry fee into the country (usd 10 per person)
  • Expenses and extras of a personal nature
  • Excess baggage
  • Supplementary travel cancellation insurance
  • Supplementary medical and baggage insurance OPZ A: maximum medical expenses up to 55,000 euros/baggage up to 1,500 euros
  • Supplementary medical-baggage insurance OPZ B: maximum medical expenses up to € 155,000 / baggage up to € 1,500
  • GLOBY ROSSA supplementary insurance
  • Anything else not expressly indicated in “The tariff includes” or elsewhere in the program

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