In the northeastern part of the People’s Republic of China, near the Yellow River rises Mount Hua Shan, completing the great complex of the Sacred Mountains. 1260 meters high, with vertical walls overhanging the Loess plateau, it has for centuries been the destination of pilgrimages to the isolated Taoist temples. The mountain has various peaks from which to observe the immensity of the jungle, reachable with very different paths: the south ridge has the bumpiest path, also called “the soldier’s path” and allows you to reach the top that faces the southernmost part; the other route, much easier, allows even the most inexperienced tourist to enjoy unique views of their kind, reaching the northernmost summit. If, on the other hand, you impersonate laziness, fear not, you can take the cable car to reach the North or West summit. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in China! The 10 most dangerous trekking routes in the world


Referred to as the “young mountain”, this imposing peak rises behind the millenary ruins of Machu Picchu in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. It may seem crazy looking from the bottom up, but with a little physical preparation and a pinch of courage, you can easily reach the top: the path, as you can guess, is quite tortuous and after a first stretch a bit sweeter that will lead you to the first terraces, where you can recover your strength and take some photos, you start climbing again, between ancient steps carved out of stone and the suggestive jungle that embraces this earthly paradise. Immerse yourself in this enchantment, where history and nature dominate unchallenged: savor the moment of being literally “with your head in the clouds” and with your gaze that is lost on the horizon, between the thick jungle and the clear sky. The 10 most dangerous trekking routes in the world


In California, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada is the oldest Natural Park in the United States: Yosemite Park, established in 1890 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest parks in the state. Famous for its sheer granite peaks, such as the peak of El Capitan (900 meters) and the peak of Half Dome (2700 meters), Yosemite Park attracts more than 3 million tourists every year: whether you are a lover of tranquility, woods, or you are looking for adrenaline, this park offers ideas for every type of tourist. For trekking lovers, the path that leads to the almost vertical top of Half Dome is very interesting: a path of about 27 kilometers, immersed in the silence of ancient woods, sequoias that almost touch the sky and the roar of the Upper Falls. ; all this and much more await you in this small mountain paradise up to the summit. Here, to reach the summit, in addition to a trained body, you will need a special permit to use the special cables that will make you conquer this fantastic summit.


    Walking in the clouds, perhaps heading towards the door of paradise: it is a scenario that many have imagined but, unfortunately, beyond the possibilities of man. In China, near the city of Zhangjiajie, this spectacle is a reality: at a height of 1,519 meters, the largest glass walkway suspended in space is built; a “transparent” path perched on the majestic Tianmen mountain, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Before putting your courage to the test in this “walk in the void”, there are 99 hairpin bends and 999 steps to go: the first with a bus made available to tourists, the second on foot. The reasons for not embarking on this expedition are many, but having a little courage and patience, will give you a truly unique experience.

  • Trolltunga (NORWAY)

Norway, just hearing its name, one thinks of these places as very distant, wild, and inhospitable areas: but, out of the ordinary, there is a world that is not appreciated until you visit it. Trolltunga, exactly “Troll’s tongue”, is a spur, about ten meters long, overlooking the sheer drop, 800 meters high, on the Ringedalsvatnet lake. The path to get here and enter into symbiosis with this delight of nature is long and very tortuous, but it will be worth it: the path begins near the village of Skjeggedal, and branches off within this surreal scenario for about 23 kilometers with an elevation gain of almost 900 meters, so set off well equipped! Walking the path, round trip, involves about 10-12 hours of walking. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Norway!

  • The Gobbins Cliff Path (IRELAND)

Ireland, County Antrim, on the coast of Northern Ireland, the fantastic “the gobbins” route stretches for about 3 kilometers: narrow and winding, dug with picks and shovels back in 1902, it offers many visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves with the wild nature that dominates these places. Within the path, some points allow you to expand, and not a little, this experience: the elbow bend “the Aquarium” under which there is a real natural aquarium and, if you are lucky, you can admire the puffins, a cute little animal characteristic of these areas; going forward you will pass on the “Tubular Bridge” an open bridge about ten meters long, suspended over the sea. The “Wise’s Eye” offers a passage to the most exciting part of the route where, between high waves and stone stairs, we head towards the end of the path.


The path that gently insinuates itself into the dense Hawaiian jungle, in the third-largest island of the archipelago: Kauai. The Kalalau Trail is certainly one of the routes with the greatest visual impact for those who complete it: about 118 kilometers long, spread out among the wild and colorful nature typical of the place, it offers the possibility of doing this small undertaking in various stages. Starting from Ke’e beach, you skirt part of the coast between ups and downs and cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, arriving at Hanakapi’ai beach: watch where you walk! Going further, with the second part of the route you can decide to go towards the inner part of the island, towards the Hanakapi’ai waterfalls: it starts from a steep ridge overlooking the valley; the variant of the route is instead to continue along the coast to reach the inaccessible beach of Kalalau, where the imaginary line that separates heaven and earth creates a unique background where the green of the jungle and the white of the beach stands out as in a painting.


An important site of thermal waters and waterfalls is located between the Andes mountain range and the Ecuadorian Amazon forest. A few kilometers from the Bańos region is the characteristic path of the waterfalls: Manto de la Novia (the veil of the bride) is a 60-meter-high waterfall that flows into the Rio P Basta, which can be reached through a winding path carved into the rock, surrounded by the dense vegetation characteristic of equatorial forests. The second obligatory stop is Pailon de Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron) and immense waterfall which, for its strength and size, refers a little to the mythological name: you can get there following the path “Grieta al Cielo” perched on the side of the waterfall, which allows the so-called “gringos” to get close and admire the show up close.


In Andalusia, near Malaga, one of the most fascinating routes of the Iberian Peninsula winds its way: The King’s Walk. Wanted and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII, it was created to facilitate maintenance of the water system: formed by two hydroelectric plants between the gorge of El Chorro. The route, about 7 kilometers long, connects the city of Ardales to that of Alora: walking on wooden walkways, flanked by the high walls of the gorge that plunge into the Guadalhore river, you will experience moments that will take your breath away.


In the central area of Ghana the Kakum National Park extends for about 350 km²: famous for its biodiversity, the park is also well known for the long wooden bridges suspended 40 meters high that cross the length and wide throughout the area, allowing tourists to admire more than 200 species of plants and as many types of animals.

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