The 10 most beautiful trekking routes in Italy

  • Marmolada (Trentino Alto Adige)

The Marmolada is the highest mountain group of the Dolomites, unique mountains in the world declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This route combines a pleasant and not too demanding climb on ice with the descent along the imposing west edge of the   Queen up to Forcella Marmolada. The climb starts from 2074, just above the arrival point of the lift; from here begins the icy ramp. An evident rocky channel has recently been equipped with a fixed metal rope to reach the top. Once you reach the ridge, it’s time to tackle the so-called “back de mul”, an ice corridor that leads to the summit. A few meters below Punta Penia (3343 m), the main peak of the Marmolada, you can enjoy an indescribable view of all the Eastern Alps; towards the west, an evident gravel edge descends towards the rocky bastion of the corner until it reaches the Forcella Marmolada (2896 meters). Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Trentino!

  • The great ring of the Sibillini (Marche)

The Great Ring of the Sibillini is an excursion route of about 124 km that embraces the entire mountain range. Divided into nine stages, it is fully signposted and allows you to know, in addition to the multiplicity of landscapes and natural beauties, part of the inestimable historical and cultural heritage that this territory preserves. It starts from the historic center of Visso and going around it up to the Piani di Macereto you get to Cupi; it starts from Cupi to get to Fiastra, continuing towards Monastero, and then towards Garulla. From Garulla you set off again to Rubbiano and then continue to Colle di Monte Gallo, Colle le Cese, Campi Vecchio and finally you return to the starting point, that is Visso. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in the Marche!

  • Monte Pasubio (Veneto)

The Road of the 52 Tunnels (or road of the First Army) is a military mule track built during the First World War on the Monte Pasubio massif, in the Vicentine Pre-Alps. The road is a true masterpiece of military engineering, the works began on February 6, 1917, and were completed in November 1917. The road winds between Bocchetta Campiglia (1.216m) and the Porte del Pasubio (1.930m) crossing the slope southern part of the mountain, characterized by Spiers, deep gorges, and rocky walls. It is 6.5 km long, 2.3 of which are divided into 52 tunnels dug into the rock: each tunnel is numbered and has its own name. Its realization was a great revelation, as it allowed the communication and the passage of supplies from the Italian rear to the summit area of the Pasubio, where the first line ran.

  • Gulf of Poets (Liguria)

The itinerary is divided into a viticultural landscape and two protected areas recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, namely the Porto Venere Regional Park and the Cinque Terre National Park. It starts from the famous Piazzetta Bastreri facing a rapid climb, until reaching the summit which continues with a walk with wonderful views over the island of Palmaria and the coast below. The route crosses the towns of Campiglia and Telegrafo where you have the opportunity to admire an ancient military fortress before descending towards Riomaggiore, through the vineyards and woods of Path 1 or “dirt road of the Sanctuaries”, which leads to the village destination of Riomaggiore, famous for its castle.

  • Pollino National Park (Basilicata)

It was officially born in 1993 and started in 1994, a few months after the institution was established. The Pollino National Park straddles two regions, Basilicata and Calabria. The mountain range that is part of the southern Apennines on the border with Basilicata and Calabria boasts the highest peaks in Southern Italy. The route that arouses the curiosity of slightly more experienced tourists or accompanied by mountain guides, can be done starting from the Colle dell’Impiso and then descending towards the Piani di Vacquarro. The road runs alongside the Frida stream which abandons itself to go up towards the Spezzavummula spring and then proceeds towards Piano Gaudolino. From the Gaudolino hill, a fairly steep path climbs along the western side of Monte Pollino until it reaches the southwestern ridge. Not far from the summit of Monte Pollino there is a large sinkhole (karst phenomenon) where tourists can observe a snowfield even up to the first days of August.

  • Mont Blanc (Aosta Valley)

With its 4,810 meters, it started the history of mountaineering in 1786, the year of its conquest; it is completely covered with snow and is articulated on four sides according to the cardinal points along which various mountaineering itineraries have been drawn that lead to the main peak. It is a very easy walk and can be done by anyone, even the less experienced. A trek overlooking two of the most evocative alpine valleys of the Aosta Valley: Val Vény and Val Ferret, from which to enjoy breathtaking views of the Roof of Europe. The walk-in fact has the shape of a ring: it starts from Visaille in Val Vény, passing through the Mont Fortin path, you meet the alpine lakes of the emerald waters of the Vesses and Col Chécrout up to the Maison Vielle refuge. This trek is a good way to experience the ski area even in the summer: once you arrive at Maison Veille, you can choose whether to continue on foot towards Val Vény or stop for a refreshing swim and a sauna in the Alpine pool of Plan Chécrouit.

  • Gorges of Sagittario (Abruzzo)

The spectacular rocky walls of the canyon have always fascinated the countless travelers who ventured into the lands of Abruzzo. The loop itinerary starts from Anversa Degli Abruzzi (585 m) and runs along the ridge area until you look out over the gorges and reach the viewpoint that often gives you the sight of the golden eagle flying over the walls of Pizzo Marcello. It then reaches the village of Castrovalva along the crest and then descends into the bush by another path, passing by the well-known Escher circle of the road that climbs to the small village. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Abruzzo!

  • Trekking del Lupo (Piedmont)

Trekking del Lupo is a circular itinerary that runs through two natural parks with intact ecosystems: the Parco delle Alpi Marittime (Piedmont) and the Parco del Mercantour (France). The track has a total length of about 75 km and includes the passage on 5 spectacular hills at 2400 m of altitude. The landscape that is revealed during the trek is top-notch, always grandiose, and exciting with lakes, forests, waterfalls, and very rich in fauna. Concrete is the possibility of sightings of chamois and ibex, but also marmots and ermines. The route does not present any objective difficulty, it does not require mountaineering experience but only an aptitude for walking in the mountains. It is possible to walk it self-sufficient with a tent in tow (relaxing is allowed inside the parks) or by taking advantage of the shelters that meet at the end of each stage. The necessary equipment is that of normal trekking lasting several days, with suitable rain covers and good mountain footwear. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Piedmont!

  • The Tour of Monviso (Piedmont)

The ring of several stages around the Monviso continues to remain a unique experience in the Western Alps, constituting one of the most spectacular high altitude treks in Europe. The route crosses, in its movements between Italy and France, a nature protected by two natural parks, where the environments are constantly changing. The presence of various refuges around the Monviso facilitates the choice of times and ways of travel, also facilitated by a calendar of departures with naturalistic guides. A fantastic journey in which the harsh and severe landscape of the daring rocky walls of the southern massif alternate with the crystalline lakes of the Vallone delle Giargiatte, the stone pines of the Allevé wood followed by the splendid bodies of water of the upper Po Valley, the panoramic “Sentiero del Postino”, the historic Buco di Viso, the vast spaces of Queyras and the exceptional viewpoint of Cima Losetta. Click the link now to see our trekking trips in Monviso!

  • Alta Via n.1 in the Dolomites (South Tyrol)

The Alta Via n.1 is dedicated to lovers of alpine nature who like to walk at relatively high altitudes and without running dangers. Crossing the heart of the Dolomites, in their central part, from Pusteria (in the Province of Bolzano) to the threshold of the Venetian plain, passing through the Dolomites of Bràies, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Zoldano, Agordino, and Belluno, this itinerary hiking offers wonderful landscapes and strong emotions. The route in stages leads the hiker along with the groups of the eastern Dolomites, from north to south. During the entire excursion, you can enjoy a spectacular view of some of the most impressive peaks of the Dolomites. The northernmost stretch of the Alta Via starts from the enchanting Lago di Bràies and runs through the romantic kingdom of Fanes; reached the majestic Tofane, it allows the more experienced the emotions of the “via Ferrata”. The fantastic Dolomite ride ends in the verdant Val Belluna. In our opinion, these are the 10 most beautiful trekking routes in Italy!

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